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Helping Great Founders get funded

Am I Ready for Funding?


Where Concept Meets Capital

Our mission is to help startups navigate the challenges of fundraising. With professionally-crafted investor presentations, custom strategies, and outreach support, we equip you with all the resources you need to take your vision from the cocktail napkin to your first investor call.

How We Work

Learn to speak “investor”

Proving how awesome your product is to your customers is one thing, but figuring out how to sell to investors is an entirely different game. As your full-scale fundraising solution, we help generate buzz among investors while distilling down who to approach and how to best engage them.


1 Strategy

We collaborate with your founding team to de-risk your product or service by identifying key traction points and social proof that turn the heads of VCs.

Dissect the business & primary value points

Examine funding objectives

Find the most compelling story

Determine the best way to position your story

2 Creation

We use value-packed storytelling to compel investors to take action by concisely and persuasively detailing the investment opportunity that your company represents.

Excite investors by communicating what they stand to gain

Convey the scope of the problem your product solves

Develop professional, custom copy for your online fundraise

Fully design your campaign to complement your brand

3 Launch

We provide you with a step-by-step playbook outlining the best practices for initiating investor conversations and converting candidates into enthusiastic supporters.

Research and identify prospective investors

Provide talking points to stay on topic with media

Detail best practices for funding and outreach

Draft targeted elevator pitches to excite influencers

Why us?

"Fundable expanded our reach to investors by 5X, helping us raise capital and secure investors that will contribute to our advancement. That's smart money!"

Utz Baldwin

Plum Founder & CEO

6.5 million

Our team helped Utz Baldwin and the Plum team raise 6.5 million dollars of investment capital.


With our help, Plum was able to close 3 rounds of funding


We helped Plum drive 212 inquires from accredited investors

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